Custom Synthesis
Scientists at Biogene Organics, Inc., are technically talented and experienced in the synthesis of complex organic molecules in quantities of milligrams to kilograms including:

  • Key intermediates for pharmaceuticals
  • New Building blocks for combinatorial chemistry
  • Intermediates for expediting medicinal chemistry SAR campaigns
  • Building blocks for drug discovery
  • Synthesis of Heterocycles
  • Organometallic products
  • Deuterated organic molecules

If you are interested in other products which are not listed in our catalog, please contact us for pricing and lead time.

R & D Services
Biogene Organics, Inc., is staffed with professionally trained chemists who are capable of providing following R & D services:

  • Combinatorial library design synthesis
  • FTE based R & D services at fairly competitive rate
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates or chemical raw materials
  • Medicinal chemistry and lead optimization with focused library approach or traditional medicinal chemistry

We have the facilities and scientists to conduct contract research and development in partnership with our customers under strict confidentiality to bring the products into market in a timely manner.